How to Become a Freelancer

Things you need to know before getting into freelance

How to Become a Freelancer

Before you become an independent professional, it is always a better idea to work as an employee in a company. That experience will give you the skills to manage and deliver your work to a client.

When I first started to work, I worked as a front-end developer; after some time, I also began communicating directly with clients other than the team lead, which helped me understand the difficulties in client communication. Communication is a crucial part of being an independent freelancer; because it helps you learn things like:

  • how to choose your client,
  • when you should turn down the offers,
  • and find which client is right for you.

After you had some traditional work experience, You can start applying to freelance jobs by joining platforms like Upwork, Freelancer.Com, and Fiverr. When you apply for jobs on these platforms, it won't be easy to win a contract; Because most jobs offered to experienced freelancers with a good portfolio.

Your portfolio must have at least two to three projects from your previous work experience to compete among other freelancers; Because many clients are always willing to give a chance for new talents.

Communicate everything you need upfront with your client; Make sure there clear understanding on both sides. After you complete the first job, ask your client for a full star rating; yes, you won't get that until you ask. You can make sure to get excellent ratings and reviews by doing your best for a very cheap budget. You can always say your pricing is very affordable because it is your first project on the platform. There is nothing wrong or unprofessional with that. Repeat that for the first few clients until your rating goes up.

That's all you have to do to become a freelancer. Of three popular freelancing platforms, Upwork is one most popular and maintains high standards in everything aspects. Want to get approved for Upwork? Read How to get approved for Upwork.